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Just read through the Fast Five article and I think an obvious plothole slipped through the cracks ^_^

The big final chase (Toretto and Brian towing the safe as awesomely/destructive as possible endagering a bunch of civilians) ended on that long bridge with Toretto "sacrificing" himself so Brian could escape and be a good daddy (as people on the FBI wanted list tend to be).
Why is this necessary?

They swapped the safe off screen. They are pulling an empty safe. Surely they bought enough time for the guys in the garbage truck to vanish with the money by now. Why don't they just leave the safe and drive off using their godlike race driver skills? ( Mia even tells them to leave the damn safe there :D )

They could have easily left the empty safe as a road blockade and be out of there in no time. But noooo, heoric sacrifice with a badly executed plot twist it is!

(Even if it were the real safe... Why would Toretto stay there? His/Brians "family" would loose him and the money.)

One might say Brian could only escape if Toretto made a huge mess on that bridge killing a few more cops/civillians, but the 2 black cars were able to pull that safe while evading the police. Surely without that metal block weighing them down they would have been able to escape.

Maybe I'm missing something here but to me this scene was really weird.

Open for possible explanations ; )
Love this site!

p.s. not a native speaker, sorry for any butchering of the english language/grammar that might have occured ^^