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Plot Contrivance

Butch kills another fighter in the ring and then escapes from the arena shortly thereafter. However, in reality, if another fighter is severely injured or killed during a prize fight, many things need to occur such as drug tests, interviews, inspections of gloves for foreign objects,etc.

It would have been hours before Butch got to leave and he wouldn't have had to worry about Marcellus or his men in the interim.

Plot Contrivance

Jimmy is complaining to two armed men in house that his wife would be home from work shortly and that they needed to get Marvin (the dead body) out of there before she does and gets...angry.

Since being arrested for murder usually trumps an enraged spouse and since Julius and Vincent had already killed at least four people that day, this scene seems to ludicrous at best and a complete plot contrivance at worst.

Minor Plot Hole

Mia Wallace, Marcellus' wife, ODs on heroin. Vincent Vega gets her stopped heart to restart with an injection of adrenaline. He then...takes her HOME. Not to a hospital where she could get the emergency room treatment she needs in case her heart was damaged by the OD or the adrenaline.

 Just home...

Unaddressed Issues

Butch is still in a great deal of trouble after he leaves the pawn shop and the film simply lets those issues lie. This includes:

1) He killed a man in the ring - This would have to be investigated by not only the boxing commission, but also by the police. Butch fleeing after it occurred definitely wouldn't help his case.

2) SPOILER He killed Vincent Vega in his own apartment - Fantasyland films aside, the police take a very dim view of the homeowner killing someone in their dwelling and then not sticking around for questioning. Butch even seems to realize this as he ATTEMPTS TO WIPE HOS PRINTS OFF OF THE MAC-10 machine pistol he used to commit the offense.

When (not if) the police find Vincent Vega in Butch's apartment (as Marcellus Wallace has no reason to do anything other than leave Vega's body there and allow Butch to get convicted of the crime) Butch will have do some serious explaining as why he killed him and then left the scene without calling the police or even an ambulance.

3) Butch killed the pawnshop owner - His prints are on the sword used to do it and the only witnesses (Zed and The Geek in the rubber suit)  are certainly going tell whatever story Marcellus Wallace wants them to. Provided, of course, that he doesn't also kill them with the sword that has Butch's prints and DNA all over it.

4) Butch still cost Marcellus Wallace a great deal of money by not taking a dive - Despite all of the "warm feelings" he may have engendered by saving Marcellus, Wallace is still a gangster. After he finds out that Butch not only cheated him out of his fixed fight, but killed one of his best men, there's no reason to believe that he won't send someone else after Butch to kill him again,anyway,

Unaddressed Issue

Jules and Vincent are in trouble (well...Vincent temporarily) because of the events at the diner - Pulling guns on other people and then letting armed robbers escape would definitely require some explanation to law enforcement. Law enforcement would also likely impound their weapons and then discover that they were used in a mass murder earlier the same day.

The film simply handwaves the fact that neither man could be seen in or around Los Angeles for an extended period of time without risking being detained by the police.