Under Siege II Massive Plot Holes

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Under Siege II Massive Plot Holes

1.  The entire operation is planned out to the last detail, but it almost goes completely up in smoke because Travis Dane brings only ONE copy of the targeting CD with him.

2.  The abilities of the satellite weapon increase exponentially throughout the movie.  Early on, Dane smirks at the idea that he can use it to shoot down a passenger plane; less than an hour later, he's using it to find and drop Stealth Bombers.  Which leads us to...

3.  Dane doesn't destroy the second Stealth bomber until about 1.5 seconds before it destroys the train, even though he had it targeted at least a few minutes earlier.  He destroys it so close to the train it rains it's wreckage down on it. Yet the "earthquake" created to destroy the Stealth has no impact on the train. Oh, and by the way- what was the pilot of the stealth fighter waiting for?  Is the targeting on a stealth bomber so inaccurate that one must be fifty feet from the target before firing?

4.  Dane tells the audience that if he targets the stealths he'll have to "unlock it from DC and won't be able to get it back before it passes."  But when he destroys the stealths, it has zero impact on his master plan to nuke DC, right on schedule.  Which reminds me...

5.  The train is in the American West.  DC is on the East Coast.  So the satellite weapon can destroy planes in the West, and moments later is ready to destroy DC-- does it travel backwards?  And why is the countdown clock NEVER impacted by the constantly changing demands placed on the satellite?

6.  Once the Good Guys knew where the train was, why was their only response over the course of more than an hour to send two bombers to intercept?  In that time, an army of SWAT team members could have taken out the train.